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Nicky "Diary" Keeling
United States
Name: Kori "Ice" Ko the Porcupine
Species: Sub-Arctic Resonian Porcupine
Orientation: Heterosexual
Status: Single
Country: U.S.A
Fighting Style: doesn't care (i'm a pacifist)
Powers: Cryomancy/Kinesis, Psychokinesis
Abilities: Magic, and Alchemy
Weakness: Electricity, Ghost, Metal, Fire, and Power Types
Weapon: Synchro Arcblade
Primary Outfit: Cobalt Hoodie, Royal Boots, Black Jeans, and Cryo goggles
Alternate Clothing: Unifrom, Formal
Hobby: Spriting, Lazer-tag, Watching Anime
Likes: Music, Racing, Silver, Mina, Amy, Manic, Maria, Tikal and being who he is.
Dislikes: Anyone who acts like they're God-Modly (invincible), Eggman Nega, Void, people who use their authority for power. And people who are physically stronger that pick on the weak. (insert long of things here)
Favorite Game: (insert many titles here)
Favorite Gaming Platform: PS3, Wii, 2DS
Favorite Saying: "Oi Oi, If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains however improbable must be the truth. Well looks like Hell just froze over. fucking icicles that hurt. What in Icy hell?"
Favorite Music: J-Pop, Rock, little Pop and Country
Worst Thing You Fear: nothing off the top of my head.
Alt. Occupation: Student

Da Family

Silver Idle Icon by WarHexpod :iconmanicplz:
:iconghostthehedgehog12: The Powerade Man!
:iconventusthelighthog35: Lightspeed Rescue!
:iconakithehedgehog: OMG it’s a rare Pokemon!
:iconkojithehedgehog15: it’s….Koji!
:iconmrsupersonic1671: the Firefighter…Literally
:icondarkfire1028: the Kingslayer!!!
:icondemonvamphogking666: The Devil!
:icon459silver: Futuristic Techno guy
:iconxartic-bearx: scary story bro.
:iconramonthehedgehogxa: the Bro from another mother.

:iconamyroseplz: FREE Maria The Hedgehog Icon (Requested Gift) by WarHexpod
:iconangelistheabsol: My sis who knows her way around a pokeball.
:iconcupidangelwarrior: My Sis who knows
:iconvrindathehedgefox: Chilled sis related by Power XD
:iconxxvelvet-oreoxx: That wolf sis doe
:iconspeedstarsprites: the Artist Sis….also extremely Random
:iconsilverxxxsakura: Pervy Lil sis


Anime Chicks-
Cure Beauty Fan Button by PierceTheWolfox

Cure Diamond Fan Button by PierceTheWolfox





Kingdom hearts-



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89thebigbadwolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago
ice your friend :iconryzothehedgehog8: is saying I rip your arc days series
icethehedgehog100 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
just ignore him. me and you already talked this over so don't worry about it. he probably is just saying that cause the first day i found out your series was called universe Days before i told you to drop the days part. i was complaining about it in a call where he was present.
Aqua429 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
dude he ripped off strike
89thebigbadwolf Featured By Owner 2 days ago
whose this strike guy ? I made that dollhog April 13, 2012 after the joke about shadow being afraid of baribe dolls but I am change to being one vanilla's old baribe dolls.
(1 Reply)
k but you should still tell him we talk it out and I did not rip off arc days
icethehedgehog100 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
well i'm working on my next episode so i can't really tell him right now. and also why'd you rip off arc days? i mean it's not anything popular. plus you say that you are inspired me  if that were the case why would you rip me off?
(2 Replies)
89thebigbadwolf Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
ice Q. can someone take a keyblade from you ?
icethehedgehog100 Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
no. based on the games a person who uses a keyblade unless the wielder chooses to give it to somebody else. like Roxas did with Riku right before their fight. or unless the blade acknowledges that other person as their master. it will go back to the hands of the true wielder.
89thebigbadwolf Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015
I thought so cause in kingdom hearts 2 jack sparrow try to wield it but it return to sora. dose that count finding it in the keyblade graveyard cause jewely found some keyblade metal laying in that graveyard to make Schneider's gun's that fuse together to make the rising shot keyblade.
icethehedgehog100 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015
the keyblade can be made yes. but it "Usually" has to be made from scratch. and it will choose it's owner. because if it's a Keyblade forged from two non-related weapons. it may be a Keyblade. but it is not a "true" keyblade. in your case Madness could pick up the rising shot. because it's a fusion not a creation. I hope that makes sense.
(1 Reply)
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